Cordless Compact Car Vacuum Cleaner

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What Other Customers Say About Cordless Compact Car Vacuum Cleaner

  • Jessica Moore Anchorage

    This little vacuum is so excellent. Very good suction and the flat nozzle fits and works so perfectly in sliding glass door tracks and window tracks. Looking forward to ordering from here again.

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  • Nicole Carter Bismarck

    I was delighted with the quality! EXCELLENT AUTO VACUUM! This is a terrific vacuum cleaner! Very easy to set up!

    This baby does the job! I drive for both ride-share companies and make it a point to keep my car spotless and this small but MIGHTY vacuum does the job! A clean car gets better tips!!!

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  • Terry Flores Wilmington

    This little vac really does the job! I like it

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  • Andrew Taylor Mankato

    There are no excuses not to have a clean car now! This vacuum is quiet, so no loud vacuum all up in your ears, which is nice. It easily sucks up gravel, grass, dirt, debris.

    This is the first car vac I’ve had, so I have no comparisons, but I can say I wish I would have bought one of these sooner! I love it! Get ya one and don’t look back!

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  • Paul Davis San Mateo                                  

    I’m glad to have such great stuff in my car. Yes, it is not as powerful as my vacuum cleaner in the house, however, it cleaned out all the garbage, which I accumulated over the past autumn and winter in the car.

    At the end of July my husband and I went to the ocean and as we tried to be neat – the sand was still in the car. Finally, I got rid of it! Now my beauty again is clean, as on the first day, when I bought her. 🙂

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  • Katie Peterson Flint

    Maybe the best ‘small-job’ hand vac I’ve seen and perfect for my desk area where I often snack or dine while online.

    There is always an array of crumbs and odd specks of who-knows-what laying about and this little gem is perfect. The cat has a different take on this, but in this house, I rule…well, most of the time.

    It’s also perfect for keeping the keyboard nice and clear. Strange how the little purchases so often bring outsized satisfaction.

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